An interactive touch & drag adventure for kids


For Tablets und Smartphones on iOS and Android


The Zwuggels - Beach Holidays


An interactive adventure for kids


  • "PÄDI" award for kids games of high educational value
  • 36 chapters with dozens of diverse mini-games, specifically created for tablets and phones
  • an absorbing story, written in funny rhymes
  • beautifully hand-drawn, and animated by German children's book illustrator Stefan Leuchtenberg
  • custom soundtrack and many sound effects
  • Kids learn about vacation and get to know animals: Cats, Birds, Dolphins, Turtles
  • Young children discover the game together with their parents — early readers are motivated to read themselves
  • For children ages 4 - 8: toddlers, preschoolers, early reading
  • Support a small team of writers, artists and game designers!


"Zwuggels are lovely, joyous things,
they're friendly, kindly creatures.
They're really small rather than tall
with funny, charming features.

This is how this story of the Zwuggels begins.

In this unique combination of adventure game and interactive children's book, kids aged 4 - 8 embark on a beach vacation which suddenly turns into an exhilarating hunt for a pirate treasure, complete with many unique puzzles and educational games.

The toddlers solve fun puzzles, position items, paint with their fingers, and master many other playful interactions. Through these mini-games they experience the quirky and enchanting world of the Zwuggels.


The Zwuggels - Beach Holidays


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